Why Bibi?

to be more natural

What are toxic

They are chemical elements controlled by international regulations, which are proven to be harmful to the health.

What are toxic<br /> substances?

Did you know

Did you know<br /> that...?

Over 9000 different toxic substances can be found in all sorts of products in our day-to-day?

Bibi knows and cares!

Researchers and experts have found out that among those substances:

  • 134
    Cause cancer
  • 158
    Are toxic to the brain and nervous system
  • 186
    Cause infertility
  • 151
    Cause congenital defects and abnormal development

Health in first place:

Bibi, along with IBTec – Brazilian Institute of Leather , Footwear and Related Products – monitors all of the raw materials used in our production, using only those in compliance with the international standards for toxic substances, in order to guarantee the healthy development of the little feet.

Natural as walking barefoot:

Bibi’s quest for creating the perfect footwear has always led us towards the improvement of our products.
We wish children could take their first steps with more safety, care and love. We know what the little feet need and that’s why we work with technologies that allow them to grow free.

The1st Physiological

In order to create the perfect footwear for children Bibi carried out scientific studies along with doctors and experts. The outcome is the Fisioflex technology, Bibi’s exclusive and unique concept, which offers the sensation of walking barefoot.



which aids in the absorption and desorption of sweat, keeping the feet dry.


that distributes the pressure and activates neurological functions.

Benefits of
the Fisioflex


by stimulating the foot nerve endings, it activates neurological functions and sensory perception.


contributes to the correct development of posture.


contributes to the healthy legs development.


the body base - the foot, develops more freely and healthy, with more nature stimulation.

What children need at each stage.

0 to 8 Months
Children still can’t walk at this age, so the feet only need protection without any interference in their natural growth. The perfect shoe for this age should be in light leather, with few stitches, providing comfort and transpiration.
2 to 4 Years
The body stucture under development requires a very flexible footwear. At the same time as children are more active, they need protection, strength and stability with non-slip soles.
8 Months to 2 Years
Children at this age have more contact with the world around them. They need a light and flexible footwear, in super soft leather providing freedom and perspiration.
4 to 9 Years
Children do not stop. They need a system that absorbs impact and help in perspiration. Light, flexible and having a sole that does not skid, footwear should assist in developing the feet in the most natural way.